Thursday, April 30, 2009


30 Days and counting

It's official now. I just gave notice to our landlords that we'll be moving out the end of May.

I'm now officially in panic mode. Excited, but feeling just a tad overwhelmed.

Not only do we have an awful lot of work to do on the house to make it habitable, then must clean it so we're not wading through dust, but we have to clean the rental house we're in and return it to a state that will make someone else want to rent it.
I've been spending so much time on the new house that I've let things slide in our temporary home worse than usual. Even the laundry is piling up, which is unusual - that's one thing that I'm always on top of, (sometimes the only thing).

Tonight I'll be going straight to the house from work again to help Kim finish casing & trimming the windows. This weekend I have a bathroom floor to tile (the largest one) and doors to sand & stain.

I'll have to tell the boys to turn their underwear inside-out to get a second wearing.

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Turtle's Hope said...

I've found its not that expensive to hire a cleaning service to come in just after you move out ... it has been worthwhile for me.