Friday, December 28, 2007

Finally Moved

Phew! Just a little bit busy this month.
Moved, started demolition process, started a new job, and had to squeeze Christmas in there too.

Our Dec 2nd moving day was postponed because of snow. We get so little of that white stuff that when we do get a few centimetres the whole city shuts down. Moving our furniture in an open trailer didn't look like such a good idea with snow falling so we decided to move just the boxes that were going into storage but only got one trailer-load of boxes to the new house before the roads became too treacherous for an inexperienced trailer-puller. We rented a truck for the big move the following weekend, just in case we got our entire winter quota of snow within two weeks.
What an ordeal moving is. You don't realize how much junk you own until you have to pack it, move it, unpack it and then find a place to put it away. Two weeks later & we're still tripping over boxes full of things that I haven't found a home for yet. And that's after a very brutal culling process.
I just got so tired of all the stuff, stuff, stuff. By the time I got to the top shelf in my bedroom closet I realized there were things stored there that I haven't even looked at in 10 years. I said I don't care what it is, if I haven't needed it in all that time I can live without it.... it's going. Then I opened a box and it was my wedding photos. Foiled again - more stuff that had to be moved.

I spent the week off between jobs going back & forth between houses: packing, taking things down, making a mess & throwing things out at one house; unpacking, hanging things up, cleaning and throwing more things out at the other. Moving into a much smaller kitchen with 1/2 the cupboard space makes you re-evaluate whether you really need 5 frying pans to survive. Oh, and when I say "throwing out" I don't mean it ended up in the landfill - most of it is still in bags & boxes in our storage room waiting for me to make yet another trip to Value Village - someone's got to benefit from this move, may as well be Big Brothers & Canadian Diabetes. My friend's daughter was thrilled to get an adorable Christmas decoration of ours but couldn't understand how I could part with it. I told her that at that point I was so fed up that if my Mother had been in the house I would have gladly given her away.