Sunday, April 19, 2009

Delicate surgery

We have light!

We had a houseful of electricians a couple of weeks ago. They installed the trim kits for all the recessed light cans, put in the xenon puck lights under the kitchen cabinets (they really make our granite counters sparkle) and hooked up our electrical outlets.
It is so nice to walk through the house at night without carrying a tippy construction light and tripping over long extension cords plugged into one of three outlets in the house. And Kim no longer has to choose between having good lighting in the room where he's sawing or in the room where he's hammering? (decisions, decisions - to cut fingers off or just smash them to a pulp?)

We still have to pick out the light fixtures we want for those areas without pot-lights. And then the electrician's crew will spend one more day installing everything else electrical. (he keeps telling us emphatically "only one more" does that mean he was getting a little tired of us calling him every time we thought up another thing we wanted?) At least in those rooms still waiting for lights we now have a choice of outlets to plug a lamp into. Even Shea commented on the fact that there is an outlet on every wall of his bedroom. "Is that a mistake? That's almost as many outlets as we have in the entire house where we're renting." Ahh, the joys of having up-to-code electrical. Can't wait.

Another thing we asked the electricians to do was to correct a boo-boo made when they did the rough-in lighting in the kitchen. The transformer & wires for the puck lights were right smack in the middle of the wall where the range hood goes, not where they should have been, hidden by the cabinets. (It may have been my error; I vaguely remember being asked if there was a valance that would hide the transformer. Yes, a malfunctioning memory error - it was the cabinet company we didn't go with who's design included a valance.)

When I told the electrician the transformer needed to be moved he asked if we were going to tile the backsplash all the way up behind the range hood.
And when I said "yes" what I really meant was "yes, it's one of the things that I plan to do but since it's not as crucial as having functioning bathrooms, floors, window coverings, etc, etc, and it's perfectly acceptable to have a painted backsplash, it's quite far down my list of things I would like to do eventually"

Yikes! Looks like "tile kitchen backslash" just got bumped way up the list.

Do you think they could have done an uglier butcher job on my freshly painted wall if they'd tried very very hard? I don't.

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