Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last Saturday was a full day of errands and shopping.

First stop was a lovely visit with our banker who gave us an ultimatum: be moved in by June 1st "whether the house is finished or not". I guess we've used up all our extensions and extra draws on our builder's loan. Panic is starting to set in, we're so close, yet so far.

That declaration and the news that the carpet we ordered is ready to be picked up (already! - that was fast) caused us to change our plans for 'house-work'. We need to get all the messy stuff finished upstairs RIGHT NOW before the carpet can be installed. So I got pulled off of bathroom tiling & painting duty to help case windows.

Kim has been casing and trimming the windows this week (after a great lesson from Brad, who spent last weekend hanging all of our fabulous fir doors) and has almost finished downstairs. What a difference it makes to the look of the house when you can't see bare studs anymore.

Following our new ramped-up schedule, Kim cut & built the window casings while I installed them and later Cole, now aka "bondo-man", joined us, following behind me filling nail holes. They both quickly overtook me as I learned that tiling isn't the only thing that I'm painfully slow at.

I realize I haven't posted pictures of any of my tiling projects - coming soon. I quite enjoy doing the tiling even though it's hard on the knees and I could probably sand the walls with my bare hands, they're so rough.

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