Sunday, March 16, 2008

I know you are but what am I? do they annoy us? Let me count the ways.

Sorry, can't do that. Because I can't count that high!

Trust my youngest son to add a new twist to a classic torment, one used by generations of children to drive their parents and siblings insane: Mimicking. Every. Word. You. Say.

But now its....

"Feed the cat please"
"YOU'RE a cat please"

"This marinade makes a big difference"
"YOU'RE A makes a big difference"

"Where's the phone?"
"YOU'RE a phone"

"Don't forget the bathroom & laundry room floors when you vacuum"
"YOU'RE a bathroom and laundry room floor"

"We're having pizza for dinner."
"YOU'RE a pizza for dinner"

"Bring me your dirty laundry"
"YOU'RE a dirty laundry"

Is it considered child abuse to duct-tape your teen's mouth? Because I need to ask someone to take out this stinky bag of garbage.

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