Saturday, March 1, 2008

Now tear it up

After Kim spent so much time lovingly tamping & smoothing the lot, the next step is to, you guessed it, pay someone to rip it up.
Hopefully they won't need to mess up too much of it but we're getting the stuff put in for Terasen, Telus and Hydro next week.

I know it looks like there hasn't been anything happening but things are moving along. We did a whirlwind run through the Home show last Thursday night and found a couple of interesting things.
Saw a rather new type of heating & hot water system that is mid-way between the standard hot-water tank type and on-demand hot water with (so they say) the best of both systems. Sounds like just what we've been looking for because, while I'd decided ages ago that we're going with on-demand hot water, I've been reading recently about some drawbacks with that system (like being hit with a "bubble" of ice cold water in the shower) & that the best solution is an on-demand system combined with a small tank. We'll have to look into this new thing further. Because we're going with radiant-floor heating we'd have just one system supplying both the heat for us and hot water for our baths. I like that idea.
A couple of tips I've heard from others with radiant-floor heating:
1. If you throw your bedding on the floor in the morning you'll have toasty warm blankets at bedtime. (I like that one - never been much into making my bed anyway - I go with the theory that it's more hygienic to 'air out' your bedding each day than have all the bedbugs cosily tucked in)
2. Watch what you leave on the floor: chocolates will melt (not that they ever last long enough in this family to reach melting point, and come to think of it, chocolate tastes better slightly warm - OK, you can leave any chocolate you bring me on the floor, just don't forget to tell me about it right away) and polymer clay may partially cure so I'll have to put my Michael's shopping away as soon as I get home.

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