Friday, March 28, 2008

Gray is the new dark brown

I don't know where to start. The last few weeks have seen a fair bit of progress, red-tape-wise, with the house project and more than a few tense times thanks to looming deadlines.
I swear I see another gray hair every time I look in the mirror. (Kim's lucky, his hair's light enough that his few grays don't show but strangely enough, it's getting curly)

We thought we were on track with getting our subdivision plan registered with 'Land Titles' in time to have a fully-serviced and separate lot ready to sell by the date on our sales contact.

Ha! We were SO naive.

Just our luck to be truly "unique". Great description if you're an artist - not so good if you're trying to get a subdivision plan approved in a timely manner. Now didn't I mention weeks ago that the subdivision plan was signed & ready to go? Yup, all ready to go... oh except for this one little legal document: cross-easement-access-whatchamacallit. No big deal, have your notary make the necessary adjustments to an existing document and that's it.

Unless you're a "unique" situation. Then there's no precedent, no existing document to follow. And we're dealing with an understaffed, overworked department that is far to busy to tell us exactly what's needed, "Your notary can simply MAKE IT UP and when it's right we'll approve it." Maybe not the first draft, or the second ("Because we're too busy to tell you what part is wrong, but fix it anyway") or third or fourth, but eventually....

Just soon enough to squeak it into the Land Titles Office right before everyone leaves for the long weekend. While Kim & I anxiously keep our fingers crossed that the LTO can perform a minor miracle and do a "minimum-6-business-days" job in less than four ......

We''ll be bringing our notary's office flowers and chocolates tomorrow - when we go to sign the final sales agreement to sell one newly registered lot. ON TIME!

P.S. Need a great notary? Click here.

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