Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bunny Day

Woke up this morning to a fabulous brunch already made & just had time to put some Easter goodies on the table before the wonderful smell (and a few threatening yells into one bedroom) enticed the boys out of bed.
I mentioned last night that the Easter Bunny wouldn't be able to leave his usual jelly-bean trail unless the house was vacuumed (hint, hint) and was told that they didn't need a trail anymore, as long as the chocolate at the end of the trail was still left. So the vacuuming's been put off until later and one more family tradition is out-grown. (I don't care, next year we'll have bunny trails in our new house)
The "which to eat first, ears or tail" debate has never been an issue in our house because my soft-hearted boys, from a very early age, could never bring themselves to eat anything as cute as a chocolate bunny or chick, or lamb. The Easter Bunny had to leave only eggs or face-less chocolate cars & trucks at our house. I even once found a snowman cookie saved in a bedroom drawer because "how can you eat anything that looks at you with a face like that?"
I guess it's a sign of maturity (??) that they now have no problem savagely biting the face off an adorable Belgian chocolate chick.
Even the marshmallow chicks are no longer safe: "Oh cool, Peeps. Can I put them in the microwave and make mutant Peeps?"

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LindaG said...

Hi Jem - do you miss the excitment of the "Easter Bunny is coming" as much as I do? Tamara is well aware that "Mommy Bunny" gets the candies and goodies and I miss the sweetness of the childhood hunt. Maybe because we don't really celebrate Easter other than the commercial aspect, it makes it hard for me to work up a lot of enthusiasm for more candy. How do you handle Easter - lots of traditions?
Hugs, Linda