Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some days it just isn't worth getting out of bed.

New Years Eve we got up early to be at the house to meet the rental guy delivering a Werkmaster grinder for us to grind and polish our concrete floors.
Two and a half hours late he showed up with the machine, a vaccuum system and various diamond discs. It wasn't until he tried to plug it in to show us how to use it that he realized he hadn't brought the right adapter to plug it into the 220 outlet that I had had the electrician install just so we could use this machine.
He went back to Kerrisdale to get the adapter and we went off to have breakfast, although by then it was time for lunch.
When we got back the adapter was on our doorstep, along with a large bucket of densifier, which he had forgotten the 1st time, and a very large invoice.

Finally we were ready and I was excited. I'd spent the day before clearing out the downstairs and sweeping the floors clean, then spent the evening watching all the 'Werkmaster' training videos I could find on-line and was looking forward to trying out this machine & polishing our floors.
Good news: the adapter worked, the little red light on the machine was on, we had power.
Bad news: the end of the hose for the vacuum system didn't fit on the grinder. A quick phone call to the rental guy got us
"Oh, I must have thrown you the wrong hose. Can you duct-tape it on?"
Uh, no. Duct tape won't work in this case.
OK, so we don't have a dust-remover now. Lets just start it up and see just how much dust this thing kicks up.
Maneuver it into position in a closet, (start in an inconspicuous spot just in case) push the "On" button.
Nothing. No sound, no grinding, no sign of life except for the red light reading "STOP".
Check the plug, check the connections, flick the breaker on and off, still nothing.
Another call to rental guy. He advises us to do everything we'd already done. Then
"Sorry, I don't know what the problem is. I'm running late (well we knew that), have lots to do and we're actually closed for the day now."

Nothing else to do but go home and back to bed for an afternoon nap before going out for dinner.


(Little bunny courtesy of Shea)

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Quipay (Nancy and April) said...

It just never rains but it pours. Perhaps that guy does not like being in business????? If he treats all his customers this way, word will get around.
HAPPY NEW are doing an awesome job of getting this home ready to live in. What a great idea for the boy's bathroom. Hope everything continues going your way!! HUGS