Monday, December 29, 2008

Well, what else is Boxing day for?

Linens'n'Things was closing and so desperate to empty the building that everything left in the store was either 70 or 90% off. They had a lot less to pack up after our second visit and even less the next day when I went back a third time, with my Mom & sister Tam.

Now we don't have to worry about peeping toms in the new house while we wait for me to sew window-coverings. We'll have everything covered with silvery-gray damask stripes ($12/pair) or roman blinds ($5 each).

Won't have to spend money re-covering or replacing our dining-room chairs either because they'll be covered too - in chair covers ($1.99 each) a brick colour similar to the coppery-red flecks in our granite.

Here's a slightly washed-out photo of a chunk of our granite next to my cherry kitchen cabinet door sample.

I found a few towels for the boys' bathroom. Their bathroom is designed with two teenagers sharing in mind. The toilet is in a separate compartment with a door on it and I have the perfect vanity for them. Two sinks, separated by a raised section of drawers.
My plan is for them to each have their own set of towels, using my old colour-code for them so I'll know who's leaving their wet towels lying around. I made it easy for me to remember: Lime green for green-eyed Cole, cobalt blue for blue-eyed Shea. And to hang the towels?

Hooks only, no towel bars because, apparently, they don't know how to use them!

May as well show more of what I've chosen for their bathroom.

'Rhythm' faucet, with matching tub/shower fixtures. The boys get their own style, different from the ones in the rest of the house but they're all single-hole, single-handle faucets. They just make so much more sense than needing two hands to get the right temperature.

A catalogue shot of the tub. Can't believe I haven't taken a picture of it in the house yet. It's there, installed already.

I chose this tub for a few reasons. It doesn't have sloping sides so there's maximum standing room for showering, as this tub will seldom be used for bathing. And see that extra-high bit extending up the wall? That means that the ledge where all the shampoo and body-wash bottles collect, has no calking-line to get all slimy and moldy.
And it's made in Canada.

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