Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fashion dilema

Basic Black? or.......

Stripes? or.......


Oh, just forget it all and slap on a coat of grey mud.

Then add a little frosting on top.

This was last weekend's snowfall. Yesterday's was much deeper but we didn't pull in to take a picture this morning and risk getting the car stuck.

Now that we've seen it like this I think we might change our mind about the colour and go with something a little deeper than white for the main colour. When the 'grey-coat' was first applied and still wet it was a nice green-grey. Maybe we'll go with a 'wet-stucco' look for the final coat. I think Benjamin Moore even has a colour called Wet Concrete". We have until spring to decide. (long enough to change our minds at least another 1/2 dozen times) because it's best to let the first two coats age a bit before putting on the final one. (not to mention that the dead of winter doesn't make for the best conditions) You just don't see it done often because houses can be a little hard to sell with rough, upainted stucco.

It seemed for a while like progress had stalled. Work was still being done but the only evidence was little piles of wood shavings on the floor. It was like we'd been invaded by a gang of small rodents building nests everywhere. Guinea pig hotel. It was only when you took a closer look that you realized there were now more cables or wires or pipes or ducts snaking through holes in the studs and floor. It's a wonder the house was still standing there are so many holes drilled in it.

Everyone did their job right though because we passed the framing inspection with only a short list of 8 things needing to be done. Nothing major, nothing that had to be re-done, but enough additional back-framing to keep Kim busy for the past two weekends.

He's almost done, now we're waiting for the weather to warm up enough that the insulation guys can do their thing. (bunch of wimps - when I get too cold there I sweep the floor, there's always sand - and gerbil beds - to be swept up & I warm up in no time.)

(ps - Zoya - I couldn't figure out a way to respond to your comment and couldn't find an email address for you - please email me directly. jesterkiss (at) telus (dot) net)

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