Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Marshmallow walls

Shhhhhhhh.... it's so quiet in here now.

The first thing we noticed after the first day of insulation was a huge difference in the way the house sounds. Everything sounds muffled, like when walking at night right after a heavy snowfall. That's something we're familiar with now, although this week its more of a 'splashy' sound, wading through slush and puddles.

The rooms seem more defined, even though it's only the ceilings and exterior walls that are filled in.

It's nice to finally SEE what looks like real progress, after a 3-week delay because nobody wanted to work in the cold or drive in the snow.
Next is the floor, which I'm grinding & polishing this weekend. Turns out it wasn't operator stupidity making the machine refuse to turn on, but a broken switch that they weren't able to fix until Jan 5th. (after the end of my holidays that I took just to do the floor) Then, fingers crossed, the drywallers start Monday.

For now we have nice padded rooms, which I'm afraid Kim might feel comfortable in after all the agony he's gone through with my fireplace.

Every step of the way has had a hitch, right from the ordering (dealing with picky, picky manufacturer), delivery (it got lost for a while), venting, installation (unclear manual) and framing. He had to take apart & rebuild each component at least once.

I'm hoping that eventually I'll be able to say the word 'Fireplace' without seeing a maniacal, murderous gleam in his eye.

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