Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photo update

Here are some photos that really belong in previous posts.

I took a couple of close-ups of some of the more interesting areas of the floor. They don't show the shine but you can see why we like the floor - lots of variation. Click on them to see even bigger.
What do you think? Leave a comment below, let me know.

It's almost impossible to take a picture that show how shiny the floor is - I think I'd need professional lighting - but this in this one you can see that it's polished enough to reflect the French doors and 'eyebrow' window. It'll look even better once the weather warms up enough that I can apply the densifier - had to put off that task when I read the label that said it must be over 4 celcius to apply. the label also says that with the densifier the concrete gets even shinier with age and wear. Very cool.

Here's the hero of my blog, with his favorite solution to the "cold hands, but need my fingertips" problem: buy a bag of those cheap "magic" stretch gloves and cut the tips off some of the fingers.

By request: the 'other' side of the fireplace.

This is what it looks like from the bedroom side. And, despite the TV cable and electrical outlet that mysteriously showed up there one night, we ARE NOT going to have a TV there! TV's DO NOT BELONG in bedrooms, no matter how perfect the spot is for one. As far as I'm concerned it's an even more perfect spot for one or two of my ceramic sculptures.

So there. (putting my foot down REALLY hard)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on doing such a beautiful job--it is fabulous! Did it turn out slippery? I jumped here from your link on GardenWeb and loved reading your whole story. We plan/hope to build in TN eventually and will have radiant heat & concrete floors too! I fell in love with radiant heat in Europe and concrete floors in Mexico--have dreamed of them for years.

Lina said...

I think your floors look "BEAUTIFUL" good for you. We are building in UT in the mountain's and are hoping to put in radiant heat, the flooring is the question, trying to explore the more cost effective flooring.
Really would love to have a concrete floor like yours!!!
We will see, still learning and educating oursleves right now.
thanks again, good work!!!