Monday, August 25, 2008


Not much time to chat, I've been busy: spending money, paying for things like doors, handles and pot-light guts; making final decisions for orders on appliances; and meeting with the cabinet guys and the electrician. We should have power by next week.
I've also been spending more time at the house actually DOING stuff there. It's starting to feel like MY HOUSE, not just a construction zone belonging to a bunch of sweaty guys with hammers.
So here's this past week in pictures. Click to see closer.

We have floors.
We're going to polish and/or stain the concrete on the main floor so it has to be protected from all the construction mayhem. I started to cover it before I realized I hadn't taken a picture.

See the difference between the top floor here & the one downstairs? This one looks more even but it's actually quite rough to touch, designed to be covered up with flooring. The main floor looks mottled but is so smooth it has a bit of a sheen to it even before polishing.

And we have a garage door. Kim's first garage door. Looks very plain but that's the way we like it. It's going to be stucco-ed the same colour as the rest of the house.

Now we just have to fit this round window into This...

square hole.

And this is where my camera battery died on me.
I do have better pictures of our lovely 'eyebrow' window and french doors but they're still on the camera.

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