Sunday, August 31, 2008

All locked up.

Here it is, the long-awaited 'eyebrow window, installed.
And our lovely, extra-tall French doors, looking out into our chewed-up, barren back yard. (but isn't that a nice fence? Cole helped stain it)

This is the back of our kitchen/great room. To the left of the doors will be a small-ish gas fireplace and to the right, under the two corner windows will be a computer/homework desk at the end of a long run of kitchen cabinets.

In most house plans this area is where another table & chairs would go but I've always thought having THREE eating places (dining room, stools at the bar, breakfast nook) is a waste of space so we've ditched the space for a table and extended our kitchen and put in a huge island, since that's where everyone congregates anyway. This way the dining room will get a lot more use too. No formal, unused spaces in our home.

We will eventually take that blue plastic off the doors.

Shea really likes the design of the hinges.

And the doors don't just look great, they work too.

With the installation of this last window & the french doors and a temporary front door, we have achieved 'Lock-Up'.

The good thing about having a very ugly and beat-up construction door is that no-one will mistake it for our permanent front door.

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