Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just in time

We're protected from the rain. And with the roof shingles comes a complete re-thinking about the colour our house is going to be.
It was going to be shades of brown & our large collection of tester-bottles is proof of how seriously we take the job of finding the perfect colour. You can see swatches of some of the contenders painted on the front of the house.
But that was last week.
Now that the roof is finished we're going back, waaay back, to one of our original colour schemes: Black & White. Not a stark black & white but a creamy white trimmed with a soft, charcoal-ly black with a hint of.....something else. Haven't decided what else yet(blue? brown? purple?), but I have a few new tester bottles waiting to be slapped on some poster board to try out with the 'Lancaster Whitewash' we've (almost certainly) decided on. At least, thanks to the colour pros at Benjamin Moore, we've narrowed it down to only three blacks: Carbon Copy, Wrought Iron, or Iron Mountain.
Here's what the house looks like now. (Can't believe it, my blog is finally up-to date with what the house looks like today) Nice roof eh?
The skylights have all been installed, you can see the one over the entrance in this picture. (click on pic to see)
The house is all boarded up because we don't want anyone walking around in there while we wait for the concrete floors to be poured.
The floors look like this right now:

Even upstairs has red tubes snaking all over the floors
They were supposed to be poured last Wednesday but have been delayed until next week. It's frustrating but what can you do? It's all part of building a house. We can't hire just anyone to pour the concrete floors because we're planning to have stained concrete floors, so they have be smoother than if they were being covered with flooring. Our framer has found a concrete guy who does acid-staining and other decorateve concrete floors himself so he knows exactly what we will need for our acid-stained floors.
Part of our current decor in the living room at home is a stack of rolls of special adhesive-backed paper to cover the floors because they can't be walked on for about 4 weeks while the concrete finishes curing and is ready to be the acid-stained. The paper was another of my great scoops from the Rona liquidation sale.


Vanessa said...

The house is looking terrific Jem!


Vancouver Polymer Clay Guild: said...

It is so exciting to watch the progress of your dream home - thanks for taking the time to update us Jem!