Monday, August 4, 2008

No more sandbox

It's amazing just how much light a sand floor sucks up. I have to admit I was a little nervous about how dark the main floor was - did we mess up & not put in enough windows? But as soon as something resembling a floor was put in, even if it is just styrofoam with re-bar on top, the whole place lit up. What a relief! Even on this gray, dreary late afternoon the kitchen was flooded with natural light. Those pipes poking up are where the sink will be, on the kitchen island, and Kim looks like he's pretending to warm his bum in front of the peninsula fire place.

The site was a hive of activity when I stopped by mid-day last Tuesday to drop off a cheque for the roofers.
There were not just roofers roofing and framers framing, but plumbers plumbing, putting in the tubes for the radiant floor heating, and glaziers glaxing, installing Kim's custom skylight over the dining room. Kim insisted on having the roof finished before the concrete floor is poured, just in case it decides to rain. He must have ESP because the day after the roofers started we had the first downpour of the month. The only puddles indoors are where the skylights are going. (they were at home in our bedroom, waiting for the roof to be done - our temporary home is feeling like a Home Depot warehouse: skylights & window screens leaning against the walls in our bedroom, a kitchen sink & light fixtures in the living room... because our storage room is stuffed full.)

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