Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tamp, Tamp, Tamp

Kim spent a whole rainy Saturday like this. I stopped by on my way to our Polymer clay guild meeting to take some pictures, feeling a little guilty that I'd be off having fun while he was pushing this 1,000-pound machine back and forth across the lot, tamp, tamp, tamping away in the rain. At least he was dressed for the weather, doesn't get many chances to wear a sou'wester.

I doubt he was singing in the rain but doesn't it look like he's getting a few dance steps in? The Tampin' Tango maybe.

Here's the result of all that labour - nice, smooth and well-tamped.

Since this picture was taken there have been some embellishments added - a few survey stakes.
We're now on our way to officially turning this one lot into two. The subdivision plan has been signed, by us and the bank (the true owners), copied and delivered to city hall for final approval.

Our new house will be built on the right-hand half. The birch tree being protected so well by that orange fence is not in the exact centre so will be all ours. Luckily some of the the plants I wanted to keep are also in the orange pen. I'll have some transplanting to do in the spring to get them all on my side.

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