Tuesday, January 1, 2008

De-boxing complete

Spent this past week off (that's right, at new job for one week, then had 11 days off) trying to get properly settled into our rental house. I think I finally succeeded because last night my husband & son told me I had turned this house into a home. Amazing what installing some shelves & getting rid of a few (dozen) boxes can do. All right I'm ignoring the two stacked right next to me here but they have stuff on top of them, that makes them a useful table - right? Guess I'll have to do it properly, follow Linda's advice & throw a tablecloth over them. Then no-one will know.

I think we're all feeling a little more settled: I've finally figured out how to close that tricky washing machine lid without pinching my fingers and the cat is no longer permanently attached to either my lap or chest (depending on whether I'm sitting or lying down) The first couple of days here Smokey kept doing his impersonation of a scary Halloween cat, arching his back & hissing. Have to say even his best attempt was pretty lame, he's just not a scary-looking cat. Talkative & demanding, occasionally annoying, but certainly not scary.

Guess I should stop referring to this place as our little hovel as our house is scheduled for the big demo later this week so it'll be the only home we have.......for now.

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