Friday, January 11, 2008

My front door

These were my entries in the Clayamies matchbox swap, my very first polymer clay swap, 3 years ago . (I got this picture from the clayamies site.)

I made a cane of my front door and another cane of our home's lovely pink brick then went a little crazy building wacky roofs. Each matchbox had a teabag inside because that's what you'd get if you came through my front door - no coffee here, just a pot of tea.

I was very lucky with this swap because at that time Gera Scott Chandler lived a 5-minute walk away. She was the swap host so I got to go to her house & see all of the matchboxes before she sorted and shipped them. I think Gera spoiled me because I was new; when I got my share it included some of my favourites, (Tina Holden's, Liz Hoar's) and one of hers.
You can see the whole swap on the Clayamies site, (but you have to look reeeeeally close to see the x-rated one).

I'm so glad I still have a bit of the front door cane left now that the house doesn't exist.

(Did you notice that I figured out how to do links today? Hope they work)

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Tina Holden said...

Hey Jem,...and I'm the lucky one to have received one of "your front doors" pictured ;). That was a memorable swap and hope we'll do this again...I love boxes.