Friday, January 4, 2008


Here it is: the beginning of the end. An excavator bucket digging into the roof of our carport. Now make some splintery, crunching sounds & you'll feel like you're there.

And, just like that, the carport's gone.

See that yellow brick chimney? Tons of brick in that. Looks like it'll last eons. (actually it was leaning just a tiny bit more each year - rather scary)

It's next.

Looks like the chimney took part of the roof and our dining room wall with it.

Looking very desolate now, with those gaping windows looking nowhere.

Very bad feng shui, those three windows. I read that 3 large windows like that, overshadowing the front door, mean that the children in the house will not obey their elders and will fight, talk back and be cheeky.
THAT explains a lot..... (and not just referring to my kids - this is the house my sisters and I grew up in). I tried the prescribed solution and hung wind chimes inside the front door so that the front door could let those cheeky windows know who's boss every time the door was opened but I didn't hang them close enough to the door so they were mostly silent and ineffective.

We'll go back tomorrow to see what further damage that little excavator did today.

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