Saturday, September 5, 2009

Paying the Bills

I finally made a payment to my architect/general contractor... and acquired a little accessory for our driveway at the same time.

Poor Kim has been pining for a 'stick' ever since his beloved got smunched from behind when he stopped at a crosswalk for an elderly woman.
And if you look back at my "list of things we'll get once the house is done" ("Promises") you will see "sports car for Kim" at #6.

Now, I've been told this is just a partial payment until we can afford to pay him what he deserves for all his hard work - A real sportscar.

This is a trial one, a tester to see if he can survive the winter driving a sporty little convertible and, more importantly, to see if he can survive the daily commute without a cup-holder for his morning coffee.

But it is awfully cute. Ooops sorry Kim, I mean MANLY. It's an awfully Manly, Rugged, Powerful (sweet wittle cutsie-wootsie) sportscar.


Quipay (Nancy and April) said...

WHAT!!!!! No Cupholder. That's a deal breaker... Send it back and get one with several cup holders!! Kim, How can you live in rush hour????

Tina Holden said... thats a carrrr, but kick the designer who must be a bottled water drinker... as in hold the bottle between your legs while driving. jeesh