Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chip, chip, chip

A few more things from the 'Building Approvals Division' list...

#1. Install Permanent Site Address

Here's Kim working out the spacing. (And see what we bought at a Giant Pot Sale a couple of weeks ago - some giant pots. Now I need to buy some giant plants)

#11 Complete skirting at ensuite tub, caulk tub top & shower/tub bases.

Finally - now my bathroom vanity won't look like this:

And while I have the stuff out to do the tub skirt ...

doesn't it make sense to finish the walls at the same time?

...and the top trim?

Which is how a quick little tiling & caulking task becomes a 3-week job. (To clarify - that's weekends only, I'm slow but not THAT slow)

Now I only need to splash sealer over the whole works and clean up and we'll have a fully-functioning ensuite bathroom. (Except for the mirror, should hang that soon - maybe I wouldn't look like such a wreck if I had one properly-hung mirror in the house.)

A second usable shower just in time for the re-start of the mad morning rush with 3 of us trying to get ready & out the door at the same time. It sure was nice when I only had myself to nag: eat breakfast; pack lunch; don't forget your stuff; don't be late; don't let the cat out....
I'm as bummed-out about back-to-school as the boys are.

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Quipay (Nancy and April) said...

Looking good.... It really is all the little details that take the time!! All of you have done a marvelous job...