Saturday, September 19, 2009

Itchy hands

Now that the house is built I'm starting to think about other things I'd like to build.

Getting that restless "I need a project (or 2 or 3)" feeling that installing shelves in the pantry simply won't satisfy.
I don't have a studio space yet (there is STUFF stored where my studio table is going to go) and I don't even have a knitting project to work on.
OK, I lie. I do have a knitting project but face it, when you're winging it and designing as you go you should write down the pattern if you're going to put it down for more than a few days.
I now have a partial throw-pillow cover which is completely screwed up because I thought I could just 'remember' the not-very-straightforward pattern I made up. I should be able to remember my own design, right? Worked for the first 1/2 pillow or so, when I was knitting on it every day; couldn't figure out what the heck I was doing when I picked it up after a week. Now it's waiting to be recycled back into a very inspiring ball of yarn.

To make things worse, we went to the Interior Design Show West today.
Lots of local furniture designers and woodworkers to see. For me it's not so much a case of "I want one of these and one of those...." but "I want to make one of those" and "I want one of these but I'd build it this way...". Now I'm itching to design and build furniture again.

Oh, except for THIS. I love it. I want it. Buy it for me, PLEASE. (because I'm sure I can't afford it)
You have to, have to, have to click RIGHT HERE (Straight Line Designs) and see it, it's fabulous. It would be perfect for the "Luxe Boudoir" look I have planned for our bedroom. (Um, just kidding Kim)
There was one hanging from a rickety garment rack along a back wall of the Interior Design Show, looking like someone had been taking it somewhere, then got distracted & forgot it, shoved against the wall, very forlorn & back-stage-looking. It was supposed to - I asked the designer, Jud Beaumont. We were at Emily Carr together (a million years ago he said, ahem, not quite a million for me, I was a couple years behind him).

Now that we have a Garage!

with a Workshop! (and it's much cleaner now than in this pic) maybe I should make use of it and build some custom furniture for myself. With polymer clay inlays & veneers of course.
Or..... better yet..... design some furniture and hire one of my handy-dandy sons to build it for me. Hmmm, feeding those hollow-legged teenagers may pay off yet.

Although, looking out the windows at the shorter days and falling leaves I think I should concentrate on getting my sewing machine set up and make some window coverings before the trees can no longer provide us with privacy. And there's this...
Do you think maybe it's a sign that I should make some proper cushions for the window seat?
The pink yoga mat just wasn't cushy enough for Cole, besides, it's since been removed to be used again as a yoga mat. My back (& hips, & arms, & everything) is so happy.

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