Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just like the Shoemaker...

Except the Shoemaker's elves snuck in during the night and worked while he slept.

My elves snuck in and painted primer/sealer on our upstairs rooms during the day while Kim & I were at work. Better light for painting then.

We were surprised and absolutely thrilled. Those elves worked all week, doing what would have taken us a few weekends at least.

One of them even tackled the almost impossible task of getting two teenage boys out of bed before noon during spring break, then took them to the new house and gave them painting lessons. Cole & Shea can now say they not only picked out the colours, but also painted their own bedrooms.
Here's Shea's...
...and Cole's.

Those two busy elves certainly deserve a nice long holiday in a warm climate.

Have a great month in California Mom & Dad (aka Grandma & Poppa).
Love you and thanks for all your help.

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