Thursday, March 5, 2009

Paving stones & Pergo

Lots has happened in the past 2 weeks but it's hard to keep the blog up to date when your teenager is so good at procrastinating that he's been monopolizing the computer every evening doing last-minute homework. (is procrastination genetic?)

OK, where to start?
At the top.
Now that the drywall has been delivered in through there we were able to put the window in the right way (Did anyone notice that it was installed backwards all this time?) and get the grey-coat on the last bit of naked wall.

Then this cute little bobcat got to work smoothing out our front yard..... this.

And now we have a driveway.

Does it look fantastic?
It better, it came with pretty fantastic price tag.
We just about had a heart attack when we saw the bill. It was so far out of line from what we were expecting that Kim phoned to complain and headed to the site to measure & double-check the square-footage. When the company's owner heard that he had his employees re-measure too. Then he called back with a revised total which worked out to 150 square feet less than they'd originally charged us for. Just an honest mistake? If so it was a pretty big one, equivalent to a room 10' x 15'. It sure pays to be diligent.

What I'm really happy about is that now I won't be sweeping up buckets & buckets of sand from inside the house every weekend.

The mudders have been busy, making stripety-type stripes all over the house.

They promised me they would be finished by Feb. 27th so I scheduled our kitchen delivery for the following Monday. Big surprise - on the 26th they told us they would need another full week.
So I had to delay the kitchen - again. I'm sure they think we're just pretending to be building a house, we've had to re-schedule so many times.
Turns out to have been a good thing because shortly after that I realized that we had a floor to install before all the cabinets can go in. I'd forgotten that we'd changed our mind about having concrete floor in that one room that didn't take kindly to being ground and polished (it looked like crap and I didn't want to take the extra time to start from scratch with the course grinder & have to go through all grits again).

The drywall delay left me one weekend to buy and install a floor so it was a good thing I noticed some fax-spam at the office last Friday. The 'King of Floors' was having a moving sale. I headed there first thing Saturday morning and scooped up a fabulous deal on some Pergo flooring. Kim was in Whistler having a well-deserved couple of days on the slopes so I was just a bit nervous making such an important decision without his input but it looked pretty good for fake wood and he sure couldn't argue with the price. By the time he got back Saturday night Cole & I had cleaned & scraped the 'mud' blobs off the floor, and started laying out the foam underlay.

Cole brought the boxes in, which is why they were stacked like a giant Jenga tower.

This is how far I got by bed-time Saturday night.

After a leisurely late start Sunday I managed to get it completely finished and Kim & I covered it up just in time for dinner at Grandma's house. Doesn't look too bad, if I do say so myself.

I have another 'relaxing' weekend planned: Have to buy handles for our kitchen cabinets, then we'll be covering our windows and cleaning walls so we can spray primer on them before the kitchen gets installed this Monday. No More Delays! I'm a little nervous about seeing the kitchen because I think I went way overboard with it. I'm afraid it'll be too big, with too many cabinets and that the island will be ridiculously huge. Wait a minute, does that sound crazy? Is there such thing as too many cupboards? too large an island?
Anyway, there'll be enough room for THREE kitchen helpers at dinner. It's time those boys (all 3) learned how to cook.

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