Sunday, October 26, 2008

Black on black

Our house is dressed for halloween. Including new black gutters.

We're in a bit of a rush to get the stucco on. Both because of the weather and because we've run out of money and our next draw from the construction loan comes when the stucco grey coat is on.
You don't realize how much everything relies on everything else until you try building a house. Before the stucco guys will get to work, the soffits had to be complete and the gutters had to be on and before the gutters could go on the fascia had to be painted.

After finally choosing the right colour it took me 3 weekends to paint all the fascia. Not because I'm that slow but because I could only paint what I could reach so had to wait for the scaffolding to be built for the stucco-ers. Then I had to wait for the water-proof finish on our bedroom deck to dry so I could get up to the roof from a stepladder on the deck.
I spent last weekend overcoming my fear of heights and climbing around on the roof to paint the highest peak of our roof. Scooting up & down the steep parts on your bum sure is a PAIN. Took me a while to pry my underwear....umm, never mind, too much detail.
I came to the conclusion that it's all right that I missed out on that last session of yoga because with all the stretching and contortions I had to do to reach the fascia I'm sure I did every asana ever invented.

I did manage to recruit a couple of helpers one afternoon.

Although, I'd have to say that one of the hardest parts of building a house is getting your weekend labourers out of bed before noon.

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