Thursday, October 2, 2008

How to tell you're married to an audiophile

Those of you who know Kim won't be surprised at all to hear that even though we don't have proper walls yet...

we do have music....
This is Kim's idea of a portable stereo.
You didn't think he'd be happy with a regular portable stero or i-pod did you?

He's very impressed with the sound from these big babies; these 30-year-old collector's items were apparently rated the best speakers of the 70's.
And the receiver? I think that's the one that Cole & Shea brought home one day as a present for Dad - they found it in someone's garbage on the way home from school. Born treasure-hunters they are.

And yes, Kim does pack this whole system into his car and lug them from home to the new house every time he's working on site.

Did you notice our first piece of furniture in the house is a stand for the stereo?
Figures - no place to sit or set your cup of tea but we have a 'custom-built' stereo stand.

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