Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sowing the seeds

Thursday May 15th: The forms have passed inspection, all ready for the concrete.

See it? There's concrete in those forms there.
Some of the lower forms have already been stripped away. This was taken on Saturday the 17th,we missed getting a Friday photo. Kim was there for the pour, while I was at work, & I guess he was so excited about helping with the concrete pour that he completely forgot that I'd left the camera with him for a reason.
Seriously, I don't think Kim gets too excited about seeing a cement truck, especially when it runs over and breaks our newly installed water meter. OUCH!
The two little boys next door were pretty excited about the cement truck though. They remind me of our boys when they were younger. Cole had a book called "You can name 100 trucks" and believe me, he COULD. Come to think of it, I could name 100 trucks in my sleep after reading that book 100 times.
When the road was repaved a number of years ago Cole & Shea sat on the front deck with drinks & popcorn, watching the paver. Better than any movie in a theatre.

For a change the lousy weather worked in our favour. There was enough rain off & on all weekend that Kim only had to water the foundations once.
They need lots of water, you know - so the house will grow.

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