Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Worth Four Thousand Words





THIS IS SO EXCITING! The pace has sped up quite a bit this past week. Kim picked up the plans from City hall on Monday, the surveyor put in the pegs marking the perimeter Tuesday morning and by Tuesday afternoon we had an outline of our home.
We have building blocks in our sandbox now.

Kim asked me if I thought it was an inauspicious beginning to start building on the 13th.
Nah, we're safe. 'Tuesday the 13th' doesn't have as sinister a ring as 'Friday'.


Vanessa said...

Yipeee Jem!!!! That is so very exciting. The sand pile is finally starting to look like something!

gera said...


Best wishes to you and the family on the first "real" steps towards that beautiful new home in that lovely Steveston area.....

xo from gera et al

Anonymous said...

Jem this is so exciting. You've had so much work to do to get you to this point and now you are going to see it start to rise right before your eyes. Talk about your full sized work of art (Now could this be done in polymer clay? Hmm. I guess the curing process would be a bit of a challenge). I also agree that Tuesday the 13th is not quite as threatening as Friday the 13th.
It's more like in "Dilbert" when they do something bad they are menaced by Phil from Heck. He is the prince of insufficient light. Yes, I think you will be just fine.
I'd love to see some of the paint chips and samples you've picked. I bet it will be just fabulous.
Congratulations on a great start.
Deb Groom