Thursday, May 22, 2008

No pressure

When our plans passed two weeks ago there was still one piece of the puzzle we needed before we could get our plans back & start building. We were anxious to get this final document registered by the end of the week as our framer was chomping at the bit to get started that weekend.
Thursday we got the email. Everything was in order except for official ID from every adult living in the household. They had mine & Kim's already, but they defined adult as anyone over 15 and didn't we have a 16-year-old son? All they needed was the number from his learners license.
That's ALL? No problem: according to their website, the new motor vehicle office is open until 7, he can take his test after school. Never mind that he had been 16 for less than a month, had just started studying, & hadn't even read all the way through the study guide yet. "Just go right home after school, you'll have about an hour to cram before Dad picks you up- you'll do fine."

1st snag - Kim & Cole arrived only to be reminded that they needed Cole's Birth Certificate before he could even start the test. And where is it? In Mom's wallet, of course.
2nd snag - The website lied. The office was only open until 6. And I had rush-hour tunnel traffic to fight my way through to get that birth certificate delivered. Kim was told that if I didn't arrive in 10 minutes there wouldn't be time for the test. He set the timer on his watch.
The tunnel gods were kind that day & I squeaked in just before his timer went off.

The office was deserted, with a distinct closing-time air. I couldn't take the suspense so I left with the excuse that I had to make dinner. Kim gave Cole lots of breathing room & immersed himself in a game of Tetris on his phone. The three clerks had nothing left to do but watch Cole's progress on their monitor.
Poor Cole, knowing that they were waiting for him to finish so they could go home, rushed & made a couple of careless mistakes right off the bat. After a few reminders from the watching women to slow down, Cole worked his way through the 50 questions.
To pass you need 40 correct and you're allowed to skip any question twice.

Last question: Cole had made 10 errors and question #50 was one he'd already skipped twice.

The tension was so thick one of the watching clerks said she couldn't look & left the room.
Taking the advice from the remaining clerks, Cole took his time and thought it through...

"I'm a Learner, baby"

And THIS is how he feels about it.

Congratulations Sweetheart!

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