Sunday, November 11, 2007

Things are moving

At least we will be in less than a month.

I knew it had been a while but didn't realize it had been more than a month since my last post. I guess that's what working FIVE days a week for a change does to time. Sure miss that one extra day off each week.
Whenever I've had time on the computer (yes, we're living in the dark ages - family of 4 sharing ONE computer, they're going to grow up emotionally stunted & socially shunned for being so deprived) I've been looking for a place to live & a new job but now we've rented a house for Dec. 1st and my temp job has been extended until Dec 10th so the pressure's off on both those counts. Still looking for job but it's not as urgent as when I thought I was going to be unemployed by last Friday.

The rental is the big news as it ties us down to a concrete date. I've been packing up things for the past 3 weeks (slowly) that are to go into storage until the new house is finished but the house we rented has an extra storage room beside the carport so we may not have to rent extra storage space after all. Working at the hospital has been a great source for boxes and I haven't had to resort yet to taking the big "Depends" boxes. I'd rather have our new neighbours wonder why we need cartons and cartons of rubber gloves than think I need those.

The rental house isn't as close to the boys' school as we'd like but couldn't find anything in the neighbourhood within our budget - this area is getting just too trendy. The house is exactly 1-3/4 miles from school (our streets are on a 1/2-mile grid, that's how I know) and on a bus line. In fact, they couldn't be any closer to a bus-stop unless they slept in a bus shelter. (which is a tempting thought sometimes) They'll have to learn to get up the first (or even the 2nd, 3rd or 4th) time I call them when they have a bus to catch.

So we'll be in a small rancher, not perfect but it'll work, and the boys won't have to share a room so Shea won't be tempted to sleep outside in a tent. Besides we don't want to rent a big fancy house & have the boys feel like they're slumming when we move into our new house.
No studio space for me in the rental, unfortunately, but I think I might be just a little busy with this little design project of ours. Kim's done the walls, now it's my turn!

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