Saturday, November 24, 2007


A list of things I have said we could have "once the new house is finished":

1. A new toaster. With 4 slots for after-school cinnamon toast pig-outs; one that can maintain that elusive waffle-toasting point somewhere between still soggy & charcoal.
2. New dishes.
3. A holiday. Somewhere warm, NOT within driving distance.
4. A snake, possibly a ball python. Shea wants a cuddly pet. (No, I'm not crazy)
5. Paintings. When we go to shows & galleries I should just bring a recording of myself saying over & over: "WALLS first, then art"
6. A sports car. Hmmmm - reconsidering that previous statement about my sanity.
7. A fancy hand-crafted pepper mill from the Circle Craft Christmas fair.
8. A new (additional) computer.
9. A hydraulic storage bed that lifts up. Room for keeping Shea's bow & arrows safe.
10. A kitten. When I told Kim we should wait until the house is done, he agreed that it wouldn't be fair to the kitten to move twice. Uh-huh, as if a kitten's inconvenience was my only concern. (Adding pet stores to my list of places to avoid when shopping with my husband)

I know I've said those words "when the house is finished" many more than ten times so this is a partial list, still in progress.

At least I'm safe about the sailboat. I am positive I didn't utter that phrase "when the house...." when sailboats were brought up. In fact, as I remember it, my side of that conversation was "no, no, no, No, No.....NO.........NO!

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