Saturday, November 24, 2007

They're at it again.

Now, in the final stretch one week before we move, as if we don't have anything better to do (like pack, maybe) we have to wash dishes. Our portable Maytag dishwasher has dealt us another blow and stopped washing our dishes. It goes through all the motions but instead of spinning around spraying water, the spin-around-spraying-water things are acting more like stay-in-one-spot-and-drizzle things.
If we didn't have to bring it with us I wouldn't bother but our rental doesn't have one so that makes the 6th or 7th visit - I've lost track- from the repairman since February. It's a conspiracy I tell you.

Our rental house does have a nice washer & dryer so I'm ignoring the fact that my washer is also acting up. The laundry-room carpet is very squishy, even though it hasn't rained in days, with a spreading puddle in front of the washer. (Mom, if you want to do your laundry while you're waiting for the repairman for me, wear boots)
I also suspect that the spinny part isn't spinning as fast as it should as the clothes are coming out a little wetter than usual but that's OK because the timer on the dryer isn't shutting off consistently just keeps on tumbling until I finally remember that I'm doing laundry. At this point I really don't care, as long as my clothes get clean.

Forget shoe-shopping, my new favourite stores sell appliances: nice new, shiny, well-behaved ones. Today I saw a Kitchen-aid dish-drawer I'm lusting after- take that you drizzly old Maytag.

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