Sunday, September 16, 2007

What's a blog without pictures....

Or lousy scans?
Proof that I've found the time to do something. These are some almost-finished bracelets I put together last night from last fall's left-over beads. I'm going to put lobster clasps on them because I don't really trust the little hooks I've been making for my necklaces to be safe enough for a bracelet.
One of the bracelets I wear almost constantly is very similar to the top one so I copied it and made one to sell. The one I've been wearing is very slightly discoloured, I think from spending too much time in a hot-tub. Product testing, that's what I was doing at Whistler. Now I can warn my customers: light colours may darken slightly in extremely hot and chlorinated conditions. It is barely noticeable - wouldn't have known if I didn't have some "unpampered" beads to compare it to, and I do like the discoloured ones better.

This newest scanner is terrible, they just keep getting worse. First one we had, I could scan a covered egg & it would be in focus right to the furthest edge. Second one lost focus about 1/4" away from the glass. I found out there were 2 different types of lenses so the last time we needed a new 3-in-one we made a point of finding one that had the right lens, or so we thought. Shouldn't have trusted the salesman because this one is the worst yet. How can something be out of focus when it's lying right on the glass? Can't use a white background or everything is completely washed out. I usually use scans just to document my work, not to show anyone but still...
I am going to have to get a proper set-up for taking decent photos. I've started - bought a very cute table-top tripod a few weeks ago so I can stop using my flash. Will have to locate it, last time I saw it the boys had it. I just hope it's still in one piece - I better not recognize any of the parts on their latest potato cannon. I know they wouldn't do that but I also know they were thinking how much more useful it would be dismantled and parted out.

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