Sunday, September 30, 2007

Permission to demo

That's demolition, not demonstration. This is a house post, not a clay one.
Friday we bought a demolition permit for our house. Just don't tell the kids, they've been itching to test their strength out on our the walls & we still need the house standing for a couple more months. We heard that the city has new requirements in the works for demolition permits, which will likely translate into higher costs, so we got our permit before we actually need it.
The way it's deteriorating though, the house may fall down on it's own. There were a few spongy spots on our back deck that we haven't bothered fixing and I think someone's foot went through one. I've been putting a bucket under the drip in one corner of the laundry room when it rains but with last night's (and today's) downpour one bucket wasn't enough.
I'll be wearing boots to do the laundry now.

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