Tuesday, September 25, 2007

House update

We've taken another step towards building our new house. A big one this time: Sales Contract is signed & delivered.
This means we have just sold 1/2 the land that our house is sitting on. It's not as precarious a situation as it sounds - the closing date isn't until the new year so technically it's still all ours. We're not homeless quite yet. I'm not mentioning any dates because every time I do something happens to delay things yet again.
This has been such a long process so far, with so many hoops to jump through. Our poor old house is looking ready to be 'put down.' We now have duct tape bandaids all over the place, covering spots where the environmental tester cut away sample bits to make sure we're not letting loose anything toxic when we start knocking down the walls. Little biopsies.
Kim's been looking into demolition costs but with 2 teenage boys with lots of friends I think we may be able to take care of a lot of the interior smashing-up-type stuff ourselves.

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iggy said...

hi jem

great blog! i enjoyed reading all about your new house, etc. and got a huge kick out of your tales!!!

keep on posting, i love it!