Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back-To-Work To-Do List

Looks like my days of sitting in a bubble bath reading trashy novels and eating
chocolates all day are coming to an end. (Ha, I wish. Although I will admit to taking a lot of long hot baths recently but that's purely medicinal - I've been working hard turning over sod & digging up weeds - and buried construction garbage - to prep our front yard for landscaping)

I'll be starting a new job next week in the office of Robert Held Art Glass.
And yes, this is a much more suitable place for me than the excavator parts and generator places I've been hanging out at the past ten years.

Having been unemployed for almost five months though, I have a few things to do to prepare for my re-entry to the workforce so I've started a list:

1. Shop
For some pretty specific items. You see, one of the drawbacks of having a fabulous new large-capacity washer & dryer and not needing to do laundry as often is that you start running out of certain items of clothing. This hasn't been an issue for the males in the house since Santa has a policy of filling stockings each year with socks and underwear but for some reason his policy has never extended to me (aside from a few interesting pairs of..... wait, we really don't want to get into that here). No problem with me at home, able to throw in a load when I need it but now that I'll be back on a weekend laundry routine I'll have to load up at Costco's "accessories" department.

2. Get a Kitten to Keep Zoe Company
Oh wait, scratch that, she's already taken care of that one on her own, the little.... oops sorry, we've already established that she's to be referred to as a 'Queen' now. (see previous post)
Her little companions should be arriving any day now, hopefully this weekend when we're around to offer some moral support and maybe have some say in where she decides to drop her load.

3. Re-establish "Boys' Cooking Day"
Tuesday is my yoga night & since I can`t eat before class I had, years ago, decreed Tuesday as the night that the males in our household get to practice their culinary skills on each other. This had fallen by the wayside with me at home but watch out boys, it's making a comeback. (I'll stock up on frozen pizza & Annie's mac & cheese)

4. Do Some Baking
Ironic that when I had lots of time on my hands for doing things like baking I avoided it.
That's because I also had lots of time on my hands for eating and didn't need that broken scale I got for Christmas to get any more broken. (Kim & I both agree that it's about 20 pounds out of wack. Cole agreed it was broken but, nasty skinny boy, said that it was 15 pounds light.)
Now that I'll be packing a lunch again I'm going to need some tasty home-made treats to go in it. The boys should be pleased.
I do realize that by avoiding baking it seems like I've been denying the rest of my family baked goods but the reality is that if I had done any baking while at home all day they probably wouldn't have seen any of it any way.
Willpower? What's that?

4. Re-Introduce Some Daily Chores
Alright boys. That's right I'm looking at you two, you know who you are.
You've had it pretty easy the past 5 months but we're going to be getting back on the program. You remember the one? That one where you have the dishwasher emptied and then re-filled with all the dishes you've dirtied with your after-school snacks BEFORE I get home from work. It's going to happen every day from now on. You have your assignments, now don't mess it up.
That is if you want to eat dinner at dinner-time and not at midnight-snack-time.

5. One More For the Road
I must remind Kim to add one more to his daily sandwich production line.
And make sure he's well-stocked, we don't want any glitches to hold up his routine.

I must thank Kim for his patience in not insisting that I "get a job, any job" and allowing me the time to wait for the right job to come along.

And to Cole and Shea: You can start growing again, we'll be able to buy you new clothes now. Poor Cole, only had two pairs of non-flood pants these past few weeks. I knew I should have stopped feeding them so much.

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Tina Holden said...

LOL!! Congrats on your new job Jem!! good things come to those who are patient??