Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We'll have to learn to curtsy

I learned something new this week.
The process of a cat giving birth is called "queening". And it naturally follows that a pregnant cat is called a Queen.

So that means that no more Fatso, Tubby, Little Mama or You Little Tramp.
Now we'll have to address our little teenage unwed mother by her proper title: "Queen Zoe".

Counting from that New Years Eve that she spent out partying all night, escorted home in the wee hours of the morning by a handsome long-haired brown tabby, I'd guess she's ready to start queening any day now. She certainly looks like she's ready to get rid of that bowling ball she swallowed.
The best way to see the full expanse of her girth is from above when she's standing, but you try to get a picture of a cat on her feet from above. If she's on her feet she's moving. the second she stops she flops over into a rather undignified sprawl for a queen.

Get your name in now to reserve a kitten, they'll be popping out any day now.

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