Friday, May 22, 2009

Rinse & Repeat

A typical weekday:

Wake up later than I should.

Frantically try to motivate kids to get out of bed, get moving and get ready quickly (hasn't happened yet but I keep trying) while getting myself dressed.

Drive boys to school, drinking tea & eating breakfast in car. Empty dirty dishes and/or garbage from boys' breakfast out of my purse. (such a prankster, that Cole)

Work 8-1/2 hours at day job.

Go to house & work with Kim for a few hours.

Go home & do a load or two of laundry - because it's easier to get the kids to go to school if they have clean socks & underwear.

Flake out on couch with a book or TV for a bit to 'unwind' before bed. (That unwinding thing doesn't seem to be working so well. My shoulders and neck are wound up so tight I've lost some fine motor control of my left arm. Jammed ring finger up my nose when I was washing my face because ring & baby now have minds of their own and wouldn't stay in line with the other fingers. Big, gushing, bloody mess. Fingernails on my right hand are getting ragged because my left hand can't work nail clippers properly. Doctor says my arm should start working properly soon.)

Stay up too late because too tired to move.

Finally drag butt off couch & stumble to bed.

Note what's missing? Things like cook a nice meal, go to yoga class, go for a walk or bike ride. In other words, any form of nutrition & exercise. This house is going to cost us a lot more than we planned because of that new wardrobe in a larger size that I'm going to need.

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