Monday, June 30, 2008

Catching up

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I posted here. We were having some internet problems which only ended with us buying a new computer.
Here's a quick tour of the progress that's been made in the past 3 weeks:

June 7th - First floor almost complete.

June 8th - Shea holding up the front doorway.

June 11th - King of his castle

June 13th - See the stairs? Now they don't have to scale the walls.

June 14th

June 15th - Cole looking out his bedroom window.

June 17th - The Master bedroom

June 18th

June 24 - The view from my new studio window.

June 25th

June 26th - Roof trusses delivered and ready to roll.


Anonymous said...


The view from your studio is wonderful! Lucky you. Maybe it will inspire some wonderful new creations.


Anonymous said...

You'll have to make a mobile to block the view of that lamp post! Awesome view lucky you!


Jem said...

Yup, we do have a nice view from the front. From some points you can't even see that we're on a very busy street. We can pretend we're not living in the heart of suburbia.