Thursday, November 11, 2010

Instant Gratification

It's been along time but I'm finally finding some time to spend in my studio.

Don't have a lot of time (or is it merely patience I'm lacking? I have the same problem with knitting: drowning in hand-knit dishcloths but not a sweater in sight.) so I've been making some very quick-&-easy bangles. It feels great to use up some of my scrap clay and patterned sheet stashes.
Pretty soon I may even have to resort to ripping the wrapper off a new block of clay.

Aside from the instant gratification bangles I also have one or two artsy-fartsy large-ish projects in the works. They're still in the "lets try this to see what happens" stage so no pics yet. (if ever) Adding to my box of things-that-didn't-quite work.

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