Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Quick Zoe Update

Here's proof that our Zoe is feeling like her old mischievous rascally self again:

There's still no sign of life in her tail but I think we'll wait until after Christmas to amputate it. Don't want a sulking kitten moping about during the holidays.
(Although, on second thought it would be safer for our decorations.)

Oh dear, the Christmas tree.
And she thought toilet paper was fun.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Gem. Zoey is a very beautiful cat (and I'm a "dog person"). I'm so sorry about his droopy tail and I'll bet if Zoey could she would swat Kim with it for the nasty comment about her ability to attract the fellas of her species!

Aren't you clever to have made lizard tail candy canes! Have you sent the photos to Julie P? I'll bet she'd think they're amazing.

Barb A.