Friday, July 3, 2009

NOW it's a home

Meet Zoe, Shea's favourite birthday present.
It's not really a home without the pitter-pat of little paws so now our house is complete. Not finished, but complete.
This adorable little bundle of curiosity was a surprise gift from Aunty Tammy & Uncle Alain, Grandma & Poppa.
The biggest surprise was that she WAS a surprise for Shea because everyone else knew & nobody breathed even a hint to Shea. Had no idea our family was capable of keeping a secret for that long.
Zoe shares a birthday with Kim, April 22nd, so is about nine weeks old and full of kittenish energy.
It took her less than ten minutes to make herself at home and take over Smokey's old job as our house 'greeter'. She ran to the door to say hello at the first knock when my nieces arrived for Shea's party.
She's a perfect fit. Perfectly comfortable with a houseful of strangers, playing with everyone & cuddling up in a chair with Shea's gaming friends when it's naptime.
Now I have one more member of the family to pick up after. She doesn't pick up her toys when she's finished playing either.

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