Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thousands of words

I've been neglecting this blog almost as much as I've been neglecting my kids lately. At least the blog hasn't had to forage for it's dinner every night.

My last few posts haven't had any pictures so I'll make up for it and show what our house looks like now, without too much blabbing.

Checking out the unfinished, recently hung doors.

Just when they're getting used to swinging around, they're taken down to be finished.

This special 'recipe' really makes the grain of the fir POP and emphasizes the natural variations and beauty of the wood. It's hand-rubbed on and has a nice matte, hand-rubbed-oil look to it but with more durability and without the need to reapply every year.
Thanks Graham!

Now for the finishing touch to these beauties.

I love our handles. They look like fine jewellery for the home and feel nice in the hand.

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Quipay (Nancy and April) said...

Love the handles! Just perfect!