Saturday, July 19, 2008

Good bones.

There's been a lot of progress this week: plumbing, roof, windows...

Here's the house with the garage roof sheathed. It makes a strong feature. The garage roof cantilevers out over the front entrance so we have a well-protected entranceway.

The inside floor is all dug up in a maze of trenches with pipes snaking around and poking up all over the place. Makes it a little hard to get around on the main floor but it won't be like this for much longer. We passed the plumbing inspection so next week the floor will be put in.
No more sand in every pair of shoes I own. And I was just getting used to that gritty feeling between my toes.

More roof trusses - These ones are over the back of the kitchen, creating a vaulted ceiling.
This picture is taken from the deck off the master bedroom. Between the deep roof overhang and the roof-top right beside, it'll be a very sheltered spot but we were there this morning and it still gets a lot of sunshine in the morning so it'll be a nice place to put some planters along the railing.

See? Right along there - something bright and cheerful.

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