Thursday, April 10, 2008

One more miracle, to go please

I have my husband back - and my dining room table.

The most recent snag we ran into was when Kim took his plans for our house to the fellow we had lined up to do the final 'official' drawings. He was now too busy but said that Kim had done such a great job so far that he could do the rest himself. Right. Kim has been working on the house design off & on for over a year now & was really looking forward to passing them on to someone else. Not the good news he wanted to hear.

The past week or so he's been living at our table, pencil in hand, eyes glazed, steam coming from his ears as he's cranked out elevations, cross-sections, floor plan, foundation plan, site plan, flight plan.... oops, that last one will have to wait - no holidays for us yet, much as Kim deserves one.

Now all of the drawings & plans have been checked over by the busy draftsman and are in the hands of an engineer for.... um.... making sure it'll stand up or whatever engineering-type stuff he does.
Next step will be to City Hall for their final stamp of approval. Our time-line will once again be out of our control as we practice what we've learned is the most important part of this process: waiting patiently. Good thing I've started that yoga class. Oooooohhhhhhhmmm

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